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Soul Seeker Knights Team

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Soul Seeker will see its first official game update!

See below for server maintenance schedule and newly added content details.

Server Maintenance Schedule:

- September 21, 2023, 5:30 am - 6:30 am (UTC)

Please note that the game will be temporarily unavailable during the server maintenance.

Maintenance Reward:

- 100 Stamina

- 2 Advanced Hero Summon Tickets

- 10 Rice Cakes

Reward will be sent to all users once the server maintenance is over.

Update Content:

1. New System: Guild Wars

- Guilds with 15 or more members can join guild wars by setting Participate in Guild Wars to ON in Guild Information

- Before the guild war begins, select Garrison to defend your base and castle

- You win by defeating the opposing guild members and taking over the base and castle

- Rewards are automatically distributed at the end of the guild was, depending on your performance

2. New Content

1) Guild Subscription Items

- Guild Subscription items have been added to the subscription items section

- Guild subscriptions allow you to regularly receive items that can help your guild develop

2) New characters: Nia (wind), Ignio (fire)

- Added new characters: wind attribute wizard Nia and fire attribute guardian Ignio

- Nia (wind) can be selectively summoned, while Ignio (fire) can be obtained from the Honor Shop

*Red star heroes such as Nia and Ignio cannot use the existing skill beanny.

3) New Synergy Effect

- Alex (wind) + Nia (wind)

- Aunes (wind) + Nia (wind)

4) New Exclusive Equipment

- Fire / Lilian, Irron

- Wind / Rianna, Scalla, Irron

- Light / Ciera

- Dark / Luna, Rianna, Lilian, Scalla, Ciara

3. New Events

1) Drop Rate Increase Event

- A special hero summoning event with a higher possibility of summoning a specific character

- The number of summons used in this event can only be used to exchange the corresponding character

- Nia (wind): Sep 21 - Oct 4

- Raiga (fire): Oct 5 - Oct 18

2) 3 Fall Festival Events

2.1) Fall Festival Special Event 1

- Obtain Rice Cakes in adventures and exchange them for items at a special store

- If you set a specific team, probability of obtaining Rice Cakes increases

- You can also get Rice Cakes by watching ads at the event store

- The item drop probability is up to 60%, and collected Rice Cakes cannot be used after the event period ends

- Event items drop: Sep 21 - Oct 11

- Event store schedule: Sep 21 - Oct 12

2.2) Fall Festival Special Event 2

- Consecutively clear special quests until the final quest on the 7th day

- Clear the 7th day quest and tap Accept on the image to receive the reward

> The Fall Festival is full of guild rewards!

- Clear guild activity quests and aim to clear them continuously until the final quest on the 7th day

- Clear the 7th day quest and tap Accept on the image to receive the reward

3) Season buff schedule

- Starting from Oct 1st, the buffed hero attribute will be changed from Wind to Fire

4. Other

Increased skill values for Yenn (fire):

- Spirit Hallucination: attacks enemy with the highest physical ATK power -> deals magic damage to the nearest enemy, and the charm duration is increased from 5 seconds to 7 seconds

- Ancient Spirit Sorcery: additional magic damage increased from 65.6% to 89.6%


Customer support email:

Discord: [coming soon]

Soul Seeker Knights Team

Recently, part of the players have experienced an "Error 2007" at the login screen, which did not allow them to enter the game.

After analyzing massive amounts of player, device and server data, we are happy to announce that our developer team has located the cause of this error and has fully fixed the issue!

The login error at each device should be resolved without updating the game version.

However, if you still experience the same condition, we recommend erasing and reinstalling the game on your device.

Issue Fix Time:

- Sep 4th, 2023, 9:20 am (UTC)

How to Fix:

- No need to update the game, error will be fixed automatically

- If the error persists, reinstall the game

- If the error still persists, send your screenshot, device specs and location to

Once we have confirmed the game stability, we will make sure to send everyone in-game rewards as our compensation for the inconvenience.


Soul Seeker Knights Team

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