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Puzzle and the City

Puzzle and the City is a match-3 puzzle and a city builder game merged into one. Become the mayor of your own city and develop it from a small village into a huge megapolis with celebrities, brand shops, restaurants, booming business centers and fun tourist attractions! 


Earn rewards and progress into the storyline by solving tricky match-3 puzzles and clearing numerous bonus levels and events. Invite your friends to play together - compete in global ranking, or help each other build your dream cities!


Build Your Own City

Follow the storyline to explore and construct new building types, city decorations, numerous upgrades and of course famous heritage sites that will attract tourists and boost your city economy.

From derelict to prosperity!

Build Your City

Solve Fun Puzzles

Enjoy the legendary game of Match-3! Solve puzzles, test your skills and speed to collect numerous rewards and enter bonus levels - use those rewards to keep building the city of your dreams. Stunning visual effects and dozens of mind-bending levels will keep you entertained!


Invite Famous Personas

Meet city dwellers and celebrities from all walks of life - bakers, bankers, designers, actors, engineers and many more. Listen to their opinions and improve your city to cater to everyone's needs. Many celebrities also provide special extra benefits!

Invite Celebrities

Join In-Game Events

What city is complete without city festivals!? Timely game events will let you get that extra boost, so that there is always something to anticipate! Also, be prepared to deal with bad weather conditions or even occasional misfortunes - but bear in mind - after each rain comes the rainbow!

Join Events
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