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Login Error 2007 Fixed

Recently, part of the players have experienced an "Error 2007" at the login screen, which did not allow them to enter the game.

After analyzing massive amounts of player, device and server data, we are happy to announce that our developer team has located the cause of this error and has fully fixed the issue!

The login error at each device should be resolved without updating the game version.

However, if you still experience the same condition, we recommend erasing and reinstalling the game on your device.

Issue Fix Time:

- Sep 4th, 2023, 9:20 am (UTC)

How to Fix:

- No need to update the game, error will be fixed automatically

- If the error persists, reinstall the game

- If the error still persists, send your screenshot, device specs and location to

Once we have confirmed the game stability, we will make sure to send everyone in-game rewards as our compensation for the inconvenience.


Soul Seeker Knights Team

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