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Game Update | Sep 21, 2023

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Soul Seeker will see its first official game update!

See below for server maintenance schedule and newly added content details.

Server Maintenance Schedule:

- September 21, 2023, 5:30 am - 6:30 am (UTC)

Please note that the game will be temporarily unavailable during the server maintenance.

Maintenance Reward:

- 100 Stamina

- 2 Advanced Hero Summon Tickets

- 10 Rice Cakes

Reward will be sent to all users once the server maintenance is over.

Update Content:

1. New System: Guild Wars

- Guilds with 15 or more members can join guild wars by setting Participate in Guild Wars to ON in Guild Information

- Before the guild war begins, select Garrison to defend your base and castle

- You win by defeating the opposing guild members and taking over the base and castle

- Rewards are automatically distributed at the end of the guild was, depending on your performance

2. New Content

1) Guild Subscription Items

- Guild Subscription items have been added to the subscription items section

- Guild subscriptions allow you to regularly receive items that can help your guild develop

2) New characters: Nia (wind), Ignio (fire)

- Added new characters: wind attribute wizard Nia and fire attribute guardian Ignio

- Nia (wind) can be selectively summoned, while Ignio (fire) can be obtained from the Honor Shop

*Red star heroes such as Nia and Ignio cannot use the existing skill beanny.

3) New Synergy Effect

- Alex (wind) + Nia (wind)

- Aunes (wind) + Nia (wind)

4) New Exclusive Equipment

- Fire / Lilian, Irron

- Wind / Rianna, Scalla, Irron

- Light / Ciera

- Dark / Luna, Rianna, Lilian, Scalla, Ciara

3. New Events

1) Drop Rate Increase Event

- A special hero summoning event with a higher possibility of summoning a specific character

- The number of summons used in this event can only be used to exchange the corresponding character

- Nia (wind): Sep 21 - Oct 4

- Raiga (fire): Oct 5 - Oct 18

2) 3 Fall Festival Events

2.1) Fall Festival Special Event 1

- Obtain Rice Cakes in adventures and exchange them for items at a special store

- If you set a specific team, probability of obtaining Rice Cakes increases

- You can also get Rice Cakes by watching ads at the event store

- The item drop probability is up to 60%, and collected Rice Cakes cannot be used after the event period ends

- Event items drop: Sep 21 - Oct 11

- Event store schedule: Sep 21 - Oct 12

2.2) Fall Festival Special Event 2

- Consecutively clear special quests until the final quest on the 7th day

- Clear the 7th day quest and tap Accept on the image to receive the reward

> The Fall Festival is full of guild rewards!

- Clear guild activity quests and aim to clear them continuously until the final quest on the 7th day

- Clear the 7th day quest and tap Accept on the image to receive the reward

3) Season buff schedule

- Starting from Oct 1st, the buffed hero attribute will be changed from Wind to Fire

4. Other

Increased skill values for Yenn (fire):

- Spirit Hallucination: attacks enemy with the highest physical ATK power -> deals magic damage to the nearest enemy, and the charm duration is increased from 5 seconds to 7 seconds

- Ancient Spirit Sorcery: additional magic damage increased from 65.6% to 89.6%


Customer support email:

Discord: [coming soon]

Soul Seeker Knights Team

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