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Game Update | Mar 29, 2024

Updated: Mar 29

Introducing the details of the 7th Soul Seeker game update!

See below for server maintenance schedule and newly added content details.

Server Maintenance Schedule:

- March 29, 2024, 2:00 am - 4:00 am (UTC)

Please note that the game will be temporarily unavailable during the server maintenance.

*duration may be changed subject to circumstances

Maintenance Reward:

- 200 Action Points

- 3 Premium Hero Summon Tickets

*Rewards will be sent to all users once the server maintenance is over.

Update Content:

1. New Content

1) Expanded Tower of Abyss

- The maximum floors in the Tower of the Abyss is expanded from 50 to 80 floors.

- Max number of heroes at Despair difficulty is expanded from 25 to 30.

2. 8 Star Hero Evolution

- The maximum Hero evolution is increased from 7 to 8 Stars.

※ 8-star evolution is possible after Hero level 70.

※ Five 7-star heroes and gold are consumed as materials for 8-star evolution.

※ When evolving to an 8-star hero, stigmata can be imprinted.

3. Stigma Imprint

- You can randomly add stats to heroes of 8 stars or higher with Stigma Imprint.

- Stigma Stone item must be used for Stigma Imprint.

- There are 3 types of Stigma Stones, and the number of stats granted varies depending on the type of stone used.

※ Types of Stigma Stones

- Stigma Shard: synthesis material used to create a Stigma Stone. Can be obtained at a certain probability as a reward for clearing Adventure, Hell Stage

- Stigma Stone: grants 1 to 2 extra stats. Can be obtained by synthesizing 100 Stigma Shards

- Shining Stigma Stone: grants 2 to 4 extra stats. Can be obtained by synthesizing 10 Stigma Stones

- Blessed Stigma Stone: grants 3 to 5 extra stats. Can be obtained by synthesizing 10 Shining Stigma Stones

※ How to do Stigma Imprint

- In Lobby -> Hero, select the 8-star hero you want to imprint on and tap Stigma Imprint.

- After you select the stigmata stone item to be used and tap the Imprint button, imprinted abilities will be granted to the hero.

- You can also change the imprinted abilities of a hero by using a Stigma Stone again.

- When adding more Stigma Imprint to a hero, you can select between replacing the old, or adding new extra abilities.

※ When using a lower-grade Stigma Stone on a hero who has been imprinted by using a higher-grade Stigma Stone, only the abilities & numerical values ​​based on the lower-grade stone will change.

Ex.) If a Stigma Stone is used on a hero with 4 Imprinted abilities, only the abilities & numerical values ​​of slots 1 and 2 will be changed.

※ When using the Stigma Stone, depending on the probability, the same abilities as before use may be granted.

2. New characters: Liz (dark, wizard), Nelia (dark, priest), Demon King Sion (dark, thief), Seri (fire, guardian), 7-star Beanny

1) Liz (dark, wizard), Nelia (dark, priest)

- Liz (dark) and Nelia (dark) can be obtained through pick-up summon.

※ Liz (dark) and Nelia (dark) are Red Star heroes, and to level up their skills, the same character, or the Red Star Skill Beanny instead of the common Beanny must be used.

2) Demon King Zion (dark, thief)

 - Demon King Zion (dark) can be obtained through special events or items.

3) Seri (fire, guardian)

 - Seri (fire) can be obtained through special events or items.

4) 7 Star Beanny

- Can be used as a material for 8-star evolution.

- 7 Star Beanny can be obtained through special events or items.

2) New Synergy Effects

- Fatima (dark) + Nelia (dark)

- Fatima (dark) + Liz (dark)

- Kassel (fire) + Seri (fire)

- Ragna (fire) + Seri (fire)

- Eola (fire) + Seri (fire)

- Pye (fire) + Ignio (fire)

- Boros (dark) + Agnes (dark)

- Liz (dark) + Ram (dark)

- Liz (dark) + Agent Alex (dark)

- Vincent (light) + Marien (light)

3) New Exclusive Equipment

- Fire / Raiga, Iola, Dean, Serena, Yuno

- Water / Raiga, Irene, Tia, Dean, Rize, Jacquard, Serena, Pan, Vicky, Liu, Ren, Yuno, Rampart

- Wind / Eola, Erin, Vincent, Liu, Ren

- Light / Irene, Tia, Vincent, Rize, Rampart, Pan

- Dark / Erin, Vicky

3. New Events

1) Drop Rate Up Event

 - A special Hero Summon Event with a high probability of summoning specific character.

 - The number of summons used in the event can only be exchanged for the corresponding event character.

- Liz (dark): Mar 29 – Apr 10, 2024

- Nelia (dark): Apr 11 – Apr 24, 2024

2) Character Growth Event

 - Summon and grow a specific character during the event period to get special rewards!

 - Only characters summoned during the event period are valid for acquisition reward, however characters obtained before the event can also be valid for growth reward.

- Liz (dark) Growth Event: Apr 4 - Apr 17, 2024

- Nelia (dark) Growth Event: Apr 18 - May 1, 2024

3) Stigmata Imprint Event

- This is an event that provides rewards if you meet the event conditions related to stigmata imprinting during the event period.


- Event 1: Mar 28 - Apr 24, 2024

- Event 2: Apr 25 - May 22, 2024

- Event 3: May 23 - Jun 19, 2024

4) Lucky Wheel Roulette

- During the event period, you can draw a roulette using a Lucky Wheel Ticket that can be obtained with certain probability in Adventure.

- Where to get Lucky Wheel tickets

In Lobby: can be obtained as a 15-minute Login Reward once per day

In Adventure: can be obtained in the stage with a certain probability chance.

▸ Lucky Wheel Ticket drop probability in Adventure stages:

- 4% per 1 action point consumed in the dungeon

- 3% per dark attribute hero in the party

- If there is synergy between heroes in the party, 2% per bond

※ Maximum drop chance: 60%


- Lucky Wheel Ticket collection period: Mar 29 - Apr 24, 2024

- Lucky Wheel Draw period: Mar 29 - Apr 25, 2024


Action Point




Honor Shop Renewal Chest


Pandonia Cube


Stigma Shards


High-grade Hero Summon Ticket


High-grade Rune Summon Ticket


Set Armor Summon Ticket


Set Weapon Summon Ticket


Mistra (light)


Shining Stigma Stone

*can be obtained only once


5-Star Hero Summon Ticket

*can be obtained only once


3) Seasonal Buff

 - Starting from Mar 29, the buff hero attribute will be changed from Fire to Dark.


- Liz (dark): Mar 29 – Apr 10, 2024

- Nelia (dark): Apr 11 – Apr 24, 2024

3. Item Packages

1) Relaunching Advanced Packages 1 & 2, Medium Packages 1 & 2, and Beginner Packages 1 & 2 with changed content.


- Advanced Package 1, Medium Package 1, Beginner Package 1: Mar 29 – Apr 10, 2024

- Advanced Package 2, Medium Package 2, Beginner Package 2: Apr 11 – Apr 24, 2024


Customer support email: 

Soul Seeker Knights Team

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