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Game Update | Feb 28, 2024

Updated: Feb 28

Introducing the details of the 6th Soul Seeker game update!

See below for server maintenance schedule and newly added content details.

Server Maintenance Schedule:

- February 28, 2024, 2:00 am - 4:00 am (UTC)

-> server will open at 3.30 am (UTC)

Please note that the game will be temporarily unavailable during the server maintenance.

*duration may be changed subject to circumstances

Maintenance Reward:

- 200 Action Points

- 3 Premium Hero Summon Tickets

*Rewards will be sent to all users once the server maintenance is over.

Update Content:

1. New Content

Altar of Spirits, Maze of Chaos

- Certain Hero abilities can be further Improved with a special new item Spirit’s Tears.

- Spirit Tears can be obtained from Maze of Chaos and used at Altar of Spirits.

※ Altar of Spirits and Maze of Chaos can open after reaching account level 40.

1) Altar of Spirits

 - Altar of Spirits has been added to the Menu located in the Lobby.

 - You can use Spirit Tears to upgrade the altar to Protection, Bravery, Origins, Indomitable, and Prayer levels.

 - When leveling up an altar, the abilities displayed at each altar are additionally applied to the hero.

※ The altar’s abilities can only be applied to 6-star or higher Heroes.

※ Resistance, CRIT Defense, and Pierce Rate stats cannot be increased if this Hero is already at MAX level.

※ Additional abilities are unlocked depending on the level of the altar.

2) Maze of Chaos

 - Maze of Chaos has been added to Dispatch located in the Lobby.

 - You can get Spirit Tears when clearing a stage using the Maze of Chaos Ticket.

 - When you enter the Maze of Chaos, you can explore a total of 4 levels of the Maze, and you can battle by selecting the difficulty level for each stage.

※ The higher the difficulty level of the stage you explore, the more Spirit Tears you can obtain.

※ You can reset the number of labyrinth challenges using Dias once a day, and when you do so, all clear records for the day will be reset.

※ Heroes who die during battle cannot be used in later stages but can be revived by using a small amount of Soul Shards.

3) New Characters: Pye (fire), Red Star Skill Beanny

1. Pye (fire)

 - Added new wizard character of fire attribute Pye

 - Pye (fire) can be obtained via Pick-up Summon.

※ Pye (fire) is a Red Star Hero, and to level up his skill, the same character, or the Red Star Skill Beanny must be used, instead of the regular Skill Beanny.

2. Red Star Skill Beanny

 - Added special material character Red Star Skill Beanny

 - It can be used as a material to level up skills of the Red Star Heroes.

 - It can be obtained through events or from product packages.

4) New Synergy Effects

 - Pleta (light) + Rephina (light)

 - Zakard (water) + Warren (water)

 - Nia (light) + Reje (light)

5) New Exclusive Equipment

 - Fire / Raiga, Eola, Deian

 - Water / Raiga, Irene, Tia, Deian

 - Wind / Eola

 - Light / Irene, Tia

6) Altar of Spirits, Maze of Chaos Quests

 - The Spirit Altar and Labyrinth of Chaos quests are added to Achievements - Content.

2. New Events

1) Drop Rate Up Event

 - A special Hero Summon Event with a high probability of summoning specific character.

 - The number of summons used in the event can only be exchanged for the corresponding event character.

- Pye (fire): Feb 29 – Mar 13, 2024

- Yenn (fire): Mar 14 – Mar 27, 2024

2) Character Growth Event

 - Summon and grow a specific character during the event period to get special rewards!

 - Only characters summoned during the event period are valid for acquisition reward, however characters obtained before the event can also be valid for growth reward.

- Pye (fire) Growth Event: Feb 29 - Mar 13, 2024

- Yenn (fire) Growth Event: Mar 14 - Mar 27, 2024

3) Seasonal Buff

 - Starting from Feb 26, the buff hero attribute will be changed from Wind to Fire.

 - Character buff schedule:

- Pye (fire): Feb 29 – Mar 13, 2024

- Yenn (fire): Mar 14 – Mar 27, 2024

3. Item Packages

1) Relaunching Advanced Packages 1 & 2, Medium Packages 1 & 2, and Beginner Packages 1 & 2 with changed content.

 - Schedule:

- Advanced Package 1, Medium Package 1, Beginner Package 1: Feb 28 – Mar 13, 2024

- Advanced Package 2, Medium Package 2, Beginner Package 2: Mar 14 – Mar 27, 2024

2) Releasing new The Great Beanny Pack

 - Packages must be purchased in the order 1 -> 2 -> 3 to be able to purchase the last package 3.

 - Purchase record for this package is reset every month, so it can be purchased again the following month.


Customer support email: 

Soul Seeker Knights Team

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ragnarok origin
ragnarok origin
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congrats to all!


John Carlowe Andres
John Carlowe Andres
27 лют.

this is what im talking about!!! -Drei

John Carlowe Andres
John Carlowe Andres
29 лют.
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The red star skill beany package are still bug please fix this

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